Commercial Roof Solar Survey by Thermal Drone

The Permian Basin Area Foundation's new Solar Panels was inspected by ThermalCamUSA's Thermal Drone Friday.

Setting up for a Commercial Roof Solar Panel Survey   Photo: ThermalCamUSA

Drone view of the Solar Panels at the Permian Basin Area Foundation.  Photo: ThermalCamUSA

The new Permian Basin Area Foundation approved a flight over their new Eco-friendly Leed facility that was also covered by Chanel 7 News. It is an amazing facility which we will feature here over the next few days. Thermal Cam USA will be flying both Daylight and Thermal imaging on the new facility. The director will get a complete report on how well things were done. It is an impressive facility with glass doors and windows in the conference room that turn an opaque white at the touch of a switch just like in the movies. Very interesting and well laid out.