Drone Services come to Midland, West Texas and the Permian Basin

Recently, the Midland Reporter Telegram ran an article on Drone Services and the wonderful things that they can accomplish  for the Oil Industry as well as all Commercial Businesses. The article was true and accurate, but the service is not new. What has really happened is that the technology has greatly improved, and the Drone Pilots have gotten much more skilled and experienced over time.

ThermalCamUSA, based in Midland, Texas, has such Professional Drone Services available for the West Texas, and indeed, the entire Permian Basin Area and beyond. Thermal Imaging and Aerial perspectives are services that can improve profits, identify situations before they become problems and is extremely cost effective.

Contact ThermalCamUSA for a list of services available. You don't even have to be in West Texas to obtain their services. Call and find out what they can do for you and your company.

Aerial Survey in the Oil Field.png