ThermalCam Supporting Local CAF Airshow 2018

The Commemorative Air Force in Midland, Texas has an airshow every year. This year, ThermalCam USA participated by donating time, talent and hardware to the show.

Participating was Peter Walper and Lyn Fite. Their job was to offer Ground Power to the planes that need a “jump start”. The show was also attended by the United States Air Force and many other groups that fly in to the pleasure of large crowds who love the old war-birds and just flying in general.

 Peter Walper Certified Level 3

Peter Walper Certified Level 3


Lyn Fite, Safety Officer

When aircraft have an issue starting, Ground Power provides that extra “Boost” needed to start those enormous engines. Those units are called GPUs, or Ground Power Units. They are desperately needed especially in cold weather, and were heavily relied on during World War II when fighting the Axis Nations which included Germany and Japan.

While Thermal Cam Could not fly any drones during the event, they had the privilege of contributing to a successful CAF 2018 Air Show, in Midland, Texas.

CAF 2018