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Place Your Roof Under the Microscope

Place Your Roof Under the Microscope

Ask about our damaged roof inspection services in Midland, TX

The last storm that passed through left your roof in shambles, water leaks?. Fortunately, Thermal Cam USA, LLC offers damaged roof inspection services. You can count on us to help you get the appropriate payout from your insurance company. We'll use an RGB/ thermal camera to collect images and then we'll create a detailed report of what we found. Our technicians are certified Water intrusion thermal roof inspectors.

You can count on us to inspect for:

  • Damaged roofing components
  • Holes in the surface of your roof
  • Areas where water is collecting

Call 432-967-4212 to schedule damaged roof inspection services today.

Find the problem with your powerlines

Contact us for powerline inspections today!

Storms can damage your powerlines, too. If you're experiencing issues with your power, get our powerline inspection services. Transmission line or substation drone inspections can identify, hardware issues, electrical connection anomlies.

A regular inspection maintenance [program can save down time, costly repairs, decrease safety issues.

Get in touch with us now to learn more about our powerline inspection services.