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      Commercial and Residential

A Thermographical Flight is used to identify the condition of building envelopes, machinery, electrical systems and gas leaks.

FAA Compliance on all Flights

 FAA Rules and Regulations for UAS Fltights

FAA Rules and Regulations for UAS Fltights

Thermal Cam USA adheres to all FAA rules and regulations concerning flights, flight safety and security. All Pilots are UAS commercially certified and pass all flight and safety classes required

Oil Field

Overflights quickly identify issues on the ground before they become catastrophic and financially costly.                                            

Agricultural Flights(AG)

AG Flights offer aerial inspections of fields ensuring optimum field use by planning out the acreage, and crop health via thermal inspection for pests and storm damage.

Wind Turbines

Flights identify issues with battery installations, motor conditions, and turbine blade conditions that can cause noise and turbulence issues.

Solar Farms

Solar Panel Damage, battery and transformer heat issues can be monitored. One of the advantages is to be able to identify dead cells for scheduled panel replacement.



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