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Methane Methane Methane

Methane Methane Methane

Take advantage of our oil line and gas line inspection services in Midland, TX

Drone Inspections are rapidly becoming the solution for Method 21, QUADOA, and general maintenance in
the ongoing quest for decreased methane emissions.

Our teams with state of the art, drones, TDLAS (diode lasers) and Optical Gas Cameras, can fly pipelines, right
of ways and facilities, flares identifying areas of concern. Delineating areas of concern that your ground crew can validate and incorporate into your EPA/RRC reporting.

This data is forwarded to your offices, and ground crews with specific anomaly information such as GPS, PPM
readings, OGI video.

Using a 3rd party drone service, such as Thermal Cam USA, with drone, OGI, Laser certified technicians can
save time in data collection, increase the accuracy of the data and utilize your employees more efficiently.
In some cases savings can be significant.

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