Thermal Cam USA

Thermal Cam USA is a certified Thermal Aerial Drone Survey company, providing thermal and RGB digital photo inspections of wind farms, solar fields, electrical substations and roofs. We can fly your project on a 48 hours notice, in some cases 24 hour notice, with onsite review of results and an E-copy of your report usually by the following day.

We work with our clients to customize their drone surveys and reports to meet their specific needs, whether, geo-mapping of under construction fields, post construction commissioning, scheduled preventive maintenance, quarterly, semi annually or annually or after a catastrophic event, such as hail or wind storm.

We work with construction teams, operators, and insurance groups to provide safe, efficient analysis of your projects.

Our thermal technicians are also proficient in onsite, ground based assessments of electrical panels, (to help you comply with OSHA requirements) water intrusion and insulation quality.

Thermal Cam is one a handful of certified thermal aerial providers, in fact the only company providing this service, based in West Texas.

That means we are available when you need us, on time, efficient and safe, Saving you time, money and labor.

Our Mission

To solve your concerns by providing top quality thermal and RGB assessments of wind, solar, electric and roof systems, in a timely and professional manner.


Peter Walper.jpeg

Peter Walper

Certified Level 3 Thermographs




Zach Delarosa.png

Zach DeLaRosa

Certified sUAS Pilot with FAA Commercial Certifications       



Lyn Fite.jpg

Lyn Fite

35 Years as a Safety Professional  and 10 years as  a Special Government Employee {  SGE }  with OSHA